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The Dealership Tracker F&I System

Complete finance system including the ability to print all your forms and contracts for any deal


This powerful but easy-to-use, Windows driven software system is your solution to make calculating and printing all of your forms and contracts and keeping track of your inventory and customers (and potential customers) an easy task! Have accurate access to all your deals, your entire inventory and customer base at the tip of your fingers.  See details below.

Deal Screens

Two deal screen viewing options to give you complete control over your deals

Customer Information

Our prospect/customer management area allows you to easily track your prospects and customers

Inventory Information

The inventory area allows you to track your inventory in detail and track all costs associated with every unit

VIN Decoder/Valuations

Automatically decode your vehicle VIN’s to verify accuracy and tons of detailed info.  Options to also retrieve real-time valuations of vehicles.

Integration Options

Huge time savers to automatically perform tasks so you don’t have to double/triple enter the same information

Credit Bureaus

Included ability to pull any of the 3 credit bureaus automatically from the Deal Screen quickly and easily

System Requirements

See all the computer and printer system requirements/options

Who is this for?

Is this the system you’ve been looking for to help become even more efficient?

Why Buy This System?

What are the benefits of using our system for your business?

Use the one that fits your style and needs

Multiple Deal Screen Views

Single Deal Screen
Multi Comparison Deal Screen

Deal Screen Options

We actually have two different formats/options for our main deal screen.  You can use either one or even switch back and forth. No other F&I system on the market today has this powerful feature! You can compare up to four different retail/cash deals with a lease option on our multi-view screen. On the single-view screen, you can easily see all numbers of the deal along with the actual Fed Box of a bank contract.

From either deal screen you have access to a powerful toolbar across the top part of your window. With this toolbar you can rollback your deal, see even more deal details, send that deal to several websites without having to re-enter that same information like AppOne, Dealertrack, RouteOne, CUDL, pull a credit bureau and several other quick features.

This screen also has several features that makes doing several deals at the same time quick and easy. With just one simple click, you can move from deal to deal. There are also several selling tools that enable you to give your customer all the information to make an informed and logical decision for adding additional products and options. 

Compliant Form/Contract Printing

When you have a deal ready to go, you have access to our library of over 15,000 forms and contracts to print.  Support for dot matrix (multi-part forms) and plain paper forms printed to laser printers or to a pdf document.  Access Bankers System contracts, bank specific contracts and forms, insurance, DMV, dealership specific and all other legal, compliant forms.  If we don’t have it, we will add it to your system for NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Track your current and future customers

Customer/Prospect Information

Detailed Customer Information

Our prospect/customer management area allows all users to track their prospects and customers along with all the detail information to stay on top of who the customers are, contact information, what they are looking for, insurance information and other personal information. Zip code lookup is built into the system that will automatically enter city, state and county based on entered zip code.

  • Complete customer demographics
  • Track your prospect’s/customer’s current requested unit and their trade
  • Complete follow-up system including letters and reports for sales managers, salespeople, etc.
  • Record insurance information for easy printing and retrieval later
  • Ability to save all deal and customer history with no requirement to archive information
Customer Screen

Track your current and past inventory

Inventory Information

Inventory Master Screen
Marine Inventory Screen

Detailed Inventory Information

Our inventory management area allows you to track your inventory in detail and track all costs associated with every unit and automatically update your dealer cost. Also has direct links to other websites/programs like Carfax, Black Book or Kelley Blue Book.

50+ reports included to keep you on top of your inventory, customers and deals!

  • Complete inventory information tracking
  • Print several reports/forms directly from this screen like buyer’s guides, inventory delivery checklists, etc.
  • Full VIN Decoder built right into the system to save on re-entering time and errors
  • Optional direct integration with the J.D. Power Used Vehicle Guide (formerly NADA) values and information
  • Ability to add Repair Orders/Internal Costs to every unit
  • Print out a detailed history of the unit including all repairs and any other associated costs
  • If you use the Autosoft DMS, this will have a direct link and show you all the real-time internals and other information in your DMS. This will also automatically update your inventory that is in your DMS.

Included VIN Decoder with optional Valuations

VIN Decoder / Valuations

Enhanced Detailed VIN Decoder

Our enhanced VIN Decoder will automatically verify every VIN that is entered (including when entering a trade-in) and also automatically complete most of the information for each vehicle. This decoder also can check most trailers, trucks and motorcycles.

This is included for no additional charge!

  • Always get a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and don’t have a contract returned because of an invalid VIN. Was that a 5 or an S?
  • The VIN decoder can extract information like Year, Make, Model, Trim, Engine, Transmission, Manufacturer, Country of Origin, GVWR if placed into VIN by manufacturer. Some manufacturers do not put all this information into their VIN’s.
  • If you are using Autosoft, this will also use the VIN decoder to make sure the Year, Make and Model are all entered correctly when it imports that information into our F&I system.
Detailed VIN Information
J.D. Power Valuation Window

Optional Valuations from J.D. Power (Prior NADA)

This is a HUGE time-saving feature that does everything your current J.D. Power (formerly known as NADA) Used Car Guide values subscription does but 100% more! This option will automatically update all J.D. Power Used Car Guide values for all your inventory and will even give you an easy way to lookup values for vehicles not even in your inventory. You will have all the book/accessory values automatically integrated in your inventory plus print book out sheets for your inventory.

Automatically update the following values for all of your vehicles by your Region:

  • New – Available MONTHLY and WEEKLY values reflecting local pricing variations and unique economic conditions
  • Auction Low, average and high auction values. Values represent recent price activity for used vehicles at wholesale auctions. (Updated weekly)
  • Trade-in Rough, average and clean condition-based trade-in values. Values represent the typical price for a vehicle at trade-in. (Updated weekly / monthly)
  • Loan Clean condition-based loan value. Values represents the potential amount of credit that may be obtained on a vehicle. (Updated weekly / monthly)
  • Retail Clean condition-based retail value with an optional Certified Pre-Owned valuation, where available. Values represents the typical selling price for a vehicle. (Updated weekly / monthly)
  • Mileage Adjustment
  • Original MSRP / Weight / Unit Type / Trim Levels / Fuel Type / Engine / Drive Type

Eliminate multiple re-entering times

Integration Options

Time and Error Savers

If you use any of the websites shown here you can push all of your deal information directly to that website with a single click. Then simply go to the appropriate website and verify all the information that was automatically entered and finish the deal.

Now you can simply take your information that you already have in The Dealership Tracker™, press a button and confirm your current information for that customer/deal and then send it. It automatically sends all your customer/deal information to the selected system. You will then see that deal in your normal deal manager list on that website.  HUGE time saver and accurate too. 

You’ll spend less time typing the same information into multiple systems, and more time with your customers! Faster deals. Fewer errors. More time with customers. You’ve got deals to close – leave double/triple data entry behind.

Inventory / Website Exports

We also have separate integration options for many other purposes like exporting your inventory to your website, sales information and other exports to easily send your information to other areas including Excel spreadsheets without having to re-enter that. 

Included Full Credit Bureau Integration

Credit Bureaus

In partnership with CoreLogic CREDCO and 700Credit, Supreme Software provides fast, comprehensive consumer credit reports, OFAC searches and other Red Flag compliant options directly through The Dealership Tracker™ F&I System without re-entering any information.

This service is fully integrated into The Dealership Tracker™ and provides F&I managers and authorized staff with instant access to one, two or all three national credit bureaus (Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion®) from our system. Multi-bureau data merges into a standard report format and eliminates duplicate trade lines for quicker analysis. Credit reports are delivered in just seconds to speed the finance process. Credit scores, fraud alerts, OFAC checking and other credit-related products are also available via CoreLogic CREDCO or 700Credit.

Complete an easy on-line application form for either Credco or 700Credit to apply for your account and password.

Also included for no additional charge is the “Executive Summary” which summarizes critical consumer credit and compliance information to help dealers and companies to more quickly and easily reference pertinent consumer information. It features bureau score information in addition to potential Red Flag fraud indicators such as FACT Act alerts, discrepancies in identity information, consumer identity data alerts, possible OFAC matches and more. 

The Internet-based service has been fully integrated with The Dealership Tracker™ providing seamless access to credit reports without the need for any additional hardware or software or needing to re-enter any information. Furthermore, it’s cost-effective with no monthly fees or minimums, or out-of-area access charges. Just pay a per-pull fee.

What do you need to Use our system?

System Requirements

Computer Requirements

  • Windows based computer (all current versions including Windows 11)
  • 3 gigahertz (GHz) higher processor with 32 or 64 bit
  • 4 gigabyte (GB) RAM (more memory the better)
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • Backup option like an automatic, off-site, cloud based backup solution
  • High-speed Internet access (cable, fiber, etc.)
  • 17″ monitor with a resolution of 800 x 600 or better

Printer options

  • Compatible with any Windows printer (laser or inkjet) for printing plain paper contracts, forms and reports
  • If you need to print on multi-part forms, we recommend Epson LQ printers.  Most Epson “LQ” dot-matrix printers should work with our system like the Epson LQ-2090.
  • Okidata Microline 321 Turbo (wide carriage) or Okidata Microline 320 Turbo (narrow carriage) – DISCONTINUED.  

Multi-user / Network Options

  • Peer-to-peer network (computer to computer) 
  • Windows Server Based
  • Web Based (only certain versions of our system are available with this option)
All Windows Versions

Who is this for?

Our complete F&I system is currently used in the following types of new and used dealerships and companies:


New and used vehicle dealerships including the ability to calculate and print leases and all other necessary franchise and state forms


Perform all your RV finance needs along with printing all paperwork for any type of deal


Our marine specific version gives you the ability to track inventory with HIN’s, multiple engines and trailer along with all printing capabilities


Track and calculate all deals for your powersport / cycle deals  and print all paperwork for any type of deal

Finance Service Agencies

Our system is designed to track multiple dealerships and print paperwork for dealers in all states.  Includes brokerage and consignment specific features also!

Any type of dealership or business where there is a need to print state DMV forms and ANY other form that an F&I office needs like bank contracts, insurance forms, aftermarket forms, etc.

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How Can This Help Me?

This powerful but easy-to-use, fully Windows driven software system is your opportunity to make calculating and printing all of your forms and contracts and keeping track of your inventory and customers (and potential customers) an easy task! Have accurate access to your entire inventory and customer base at the tip of your fingers. Easily calculate and compare up to four different deal options on one screen!

Why Buy This System?

We understand your needs and provide a quality system and support

Grows With
Your Business

Our system is designed for a single user or large group of users spread out in different locations and has the ability to grow when you grow.


With our automatic update service, we are always making sure you have the most recent update and current forms and contracts.

Tons of
Forms and Contracts

We are always updating our library of forms and contracts that you have access to for no extra cost. We’ll even add your dealership specific forms for no extra cost!

Networkable or Web-Based

Our system runs on a single computer or multiple computers on your network. We also have versions that can be accessed via the Internet.


We can push information to various websites and other options to eliminate double/triple re-entering and possible errors.

When you need support or simply ask a question, we are here for you to get quick, accurate answers and changes with a fast turn around time.

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