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Finance Software is All We Do for Auto Dealerships for Marine Dealerships for RV Dealerships for Cycle Dealerships for Finance Agencies

Easy to Use but powerful

Priced for Everybody

Satisfaction guaranteed

The Dealership Tracker™

Powerful, yet easy-to-use F&I software for your business

Fast and Efficient

Created for speed and efficiency to get your customers out the door in no time


Fully integrates with several DMS options and AppOne, Dealertrack, RouteOne and hundreds of inventory web sites

Use Options

Runs on your local computer/network or a dedicated web server you can access from anywhere


System is supported by the industries Best and Fastest Support Department

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Menu Selling System

Sell More Products by presenting all options to your customers


Create menus specifically for your business with your products and descriptions

Make More Money

Present all of your Products/Services to all of your customers in an easy to understand format


Puts you in legal compliance (300% rule) and very reasonably priced


Fully integrated with The Dealership Tracker F&I system and hundreds of Providers to rate your products

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The Dealership Tracker™

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Why Buy This System?

We understand your needs and provide a quality system and support

Grows With
Your Business

Our system is designed for a single user or large group of users spread out in different locations and has the ability to grow when you grow.


With our automatic update service, we are always making sure you have the most recent update and current forms and contracts.

Tons of
Built-in Forms

We are always updating our library of forms and contracts that you have access to for no extra cost. We’ll even add your dealership specific forms for no extra cost!

Networkable or Web-Based

Our system runs on a single computer or multiple computers on your network. We also have versions that can be accessed via the Internet.


We can push deal and inventory information to various websites and other options to eliminate double/triple re-entering and possible errors.

When you need support or simply a question, we are here for you to get accurate answers and changes with a fast turn around time.

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about us.

Founded in 1986, our focus lies in developing specialized Finance and Insurance (F&I) software and tools. Our commitment extends beyond delivering superior, user-friendly software; it encompasses an unparalleled support infrastructure. We firmly believe that partnering with us for your F&I needs constitutes only half of your investment. The remaining half is our dedication to offering the most responsive and comprehensive support services available today.

Our Windows-based F&I system, The Dealership Tracker™, is widely adopted across the United States by dealerships and corporate entities. It equips them with essential tools to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure regulatory compliance. In collaboration with leading industry providers, we offer a robust toolbox for F&I, enhancing its effectiveness and utility.

Year after year, our customer base continues to expand, driven by our commitment to evolving our product to surpass current standards and meet the evolving needs of our users.

We invite you to join our expanding community dedicated to delivering premier F&I tools and services. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to enhance our system, ensuring it remains robust while continuing to provide unparalleled support.

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