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Menu Selling System

Integrated with The Dealership Tracker™

Helping you generate more money in your F&I Department

Full Menu Selling System

Complete System

We have a complete Windows-based Menu Selling Tracker that helps a dealership produce and print clean, professional and customized legal menus for each customer in seconds. It helps sell any product any dealership has including service contracts, GAP, credit life, A&H, road hazard, etching, unit protection, etc.. It is designed to be compliant with all state laws and flexible to work in any state and dealership.

E-contracting and e-rating

We also provide real-time eRating and eContracting directly with your insurance company! With just a few clicks, you are able to retrieve the current rates of service contracts, gap or other aftermarket products. Then retrieve the real-time contract and book that contract before that selling unit even leaves your lot!  Huge time saver and an accurate way to present your products.

Menu Selling

How Can This Help Me?

You’ve heard all the news about Menu Selling and any dealership that starts to use a menu selling system immediately starts to generate additional money in their back-end profits. But you have not seen anything yet like this product. This system will blow you away with it’s powerful capabilities, ease-of-use, very quick and personalized presentations, professional and legally compliant menu printouts and so much more.

Menu Selling

Key Benefits

Helps sell more products even to those budget-conscious buyers by simply rearranging the menu to show amounts at the bottom of each column the added monthly payment for just those products (not including the selling unit, etc.)….only one of the many options of our menu!


300% Rule

100% of your products to 100% of your customers 100% of the time and of course this helps your dealership for compliancy with disclosing available options to your customers



Very powerful but very easy-to-use with endless possibilities to your menu options along with  very customizable menus



Directly integrated with The Dealership Tracker™ F&I system and F&I Express which provides access to 200+ providers for e-rating/e-contracting


Fast with Options

Fast calculation of 4 different scenarios along with 2 different terms/rates for each scenario. Quote for different payment types like monthly, weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, annual and cash.



Includes a complete customer and inventory system for powerful reporting options like customer follow-up, inventory reports, etc. Easily save/retrieve deals for later use.


Increased Sales

An average dealership can increase their backend profit per deal and also increase their CSI scores. Customers are happier because of a more timely process and the customer is more “in control”.

Menu Printout Options

Click to see full menu display

Click to see full menu display

Customize menu printouts including which options to present, the order of the options, ability to add any product and your descriptions and all of this is also password protected.

Additional printouts include disclosure forms for added compliance.

“Anybody need a Menu?”

Ronald J. Reahard / Reahard & Associates