Powerful F&I Desking System

Using one of the most powerful deal working screens in the industry, the system quickly walks you through entering the customer and selecting the selling unit. The system then automatically displays your initial deal screen with four different scenarios and all normal deal information already pre-entered for you. Using all the integrated and powerful selling tools that are directly available on the deal screen you can show the customer all of their options and easily make any changes to the deal. 

Once you are all set on a particular deal format you can then print all bank, state and dealership specific contracts/forms ready for the customer's signature. Instant integrated credit bureau access capabilities provide detailed credit information on your finance customer. The Dealership Tracker also provides loads of detailed vehicle inventory control reports complete with internal repair order tracking. Also included are many detailed sales and F&I logs to really track what's happening in your dealership.


Key Highlights

    • Complete F & I (Finance & Insurance) Deal Calculation showing 4 comparisons on one screen plus new option to one-click switch to a full deal screen with Fed Box
    • Payment roll-backs to Price, Cash Down, Service Contract, APR and Trade
    • Quick one-click access to the last 5 working deals
    • wolters kluwer pForms - Some people call it eForms but we call it pForms (Plain Paper Forms/Contracts).  We have one of the largest libraries of vehicle sales documents on the market today that you can print right to your laser printer. We have over 3,000 plain paper documents (bank contracts, state forms, bank forms, service contracts, etc.) already in our growing system. This will eliminate alignment issues associated with impact printing and reduce the dealership's pre-printed forms inventory along with printing professional looking documents. pForms is a proven tool to make the forms preparation process faster and easier, resulting in a more pleasant customer experience.
    • Powerful Deal Recapping function.  Shows all deal profits, commissions, finance reserves and your total deal net profit.
    • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and Semi-monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Payment terms including up to 5 odd-payment (Pickup/Farm Plan) options
    • Fast and easy-to-use Wholesale/Dealer transfer area

    • Full VIN Decoder option that automatically checks for a valid VIN and enters most of the basic information for the vehicle

    • N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Values® NADA Logo option that automatically updates all values for your inventory. 

    • Automatic insurance calculation for all types of Credit Life and A&H insurance
    • Include Aftermarket items like service contracts, GAP, Etching, Car Protection, etc. Optional Menu Selling system integrated into system and just one click away from printing a full color professional menu.

    • Quick Quote for a comparison of a retail and a lease deal

    • Include up to 3 trade-ins per deal

    • Easily retrieve any deal by last name, deal date, stock number, VIN or just by a quick listing with one-button access

    • Direct links within system to N.A.D.A.™, Kelley Blue Book™, Black Book™ and CarfaxOnline™ or any links to other websites or local programs.

    • Up to 4 Retail Deals vs. Lease deal comparison screen

    • Automatic zip code look up that verifies the zip code including auto entry of city, state and county

    • Automatically have your deal screen defaulted with information like your doc fee, terms, interest rates, service contract (maybe on column 1 and 3), credit life (possibly on column 2 and 3), A&H (14 day retro on column 1 and 7 day retro on column 2)

    • Inventory Control including ability to enter complete repair order entry and tracking option

    • Forms printing:  All DMV, All Bank including verify insurance forms, State and Custom forms for all States and the dealership (Basically ALL reports that the F&I department prints) all included in system and all new and updated forms during your subscription period for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Also includes all the new plain paper forms available (5,000+ pForms) from a library of over 15,000 forms and contracts.
    • Full array of customized powerful Inventory Management and Sales Reports

    • Online Video Training series to help you get the most out of the system included in your subscription cost

    • Security password protected system and modules

    • Credit Bureau Reports from Experian, Equifax and Trans Union built into the system from First Advantage Credco or 700Credit.

    • Powerful automatic Update Service is now directly integrated into The Dealership Tracker. This means that you have fast and easy access to all updates of the system and forms by just clicking an icon. The system also is always checking to make sure you have the most current version of the system.

    • ASIFlex

      AutoSoft International accounting interface for inventory and completed deals. Transfer each completed deal to ASI with no additional user intervention and does so in less than one second. Importing inventory is also streamlined to automatically pull all in-stock units directly from ASI. Always checking service records to make sure you know if there are any open Repair Orders and lets you know. There is no other system on the market that integrates to the level we can since we work directly with AutoSoft and their database. We send over entire deal information including all trade-in information like color, miles, etc. along with complete customer information like area codes, e-mail and setup for service records.

    • Local Area Networking, Multi-location Networking all included in base system.

    • Loan Payment Comparison right on one screen that compares up to four different options. Change term length and type (monthly, quarterly, etc.), down payment, options, trade-in, insurance, after-market items, etc. This will even handle balloon and pickup payments! Rollback payments and lots of other sales tools.

    • Lease Payment Screen prompts you through entering a lease in a lease worksheet format. This screen along with many background error checking calculations, will make entering those "fun" leases a little easier to do. Then compare that to the different loan options.

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