The Deal Screen


We actually have two different formats/options for our deal screen.  You can use one or both or even switch back and forth. No other F&I system on the market today has this powerful feature! You can compare up to four different retail/cash deals with a lease option on our multi-view screen. On the single-view screen, you can quickly and easily see all numbers of the deal along with the actual Fed Box of a bank contract.

From either Deal Screen you have access to a powerful toolbar across the top part of your window. With this toolbar you can rollback your deal, see even more deal details, send that deal to several websites without having to re-enter that same information like AppOne, RouteOne, CUDL, pull a credit bureau and several other quick features.

This screen also has several features that makes doing several deals at the same time quick and easy. With just one simple click, you can move from deal to deal. There are also several selling tools that enable you to give your customer all the information to make an informed and logical decision for adding additional products and options. 



Single View Deal Screen


Multi-View Deal Screen

From this screen screen you will then go into the Forms Printer area to actually print all of your forms and contracts. This screen also is your starting point to start a lease along with finalizing/completing a deal.


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