Why Buy This System?


Of course everybody says that you should purchase their system. We say that too! Buy why do we say that? Check out some of the reasons below:

  • All retail and lease computation screens included
  • Always keeping up-to-date with the latest in options and features along with keeping up with the requirements of your dealership and manufacturer
  • Forms - if you print the form in your F&I office, this system will print it. We have no limitation on the quantity of forms, it is all part of your price*. Plain paper/laser contracts that print directly to your laser printer or multi-part forms are all part of our system.
  • Forms - what if you sign up with a new bank, insurance company, etc.? Those forms will be added for no additional cost if you have a current subscription
  • Pull credit bureaus from one or all three bureaus without re-typing anything
  • Networking - put it on one or 50 systems in your dealership/company all for the same low subscription
  • Accounting Integration - we directly integrate with Autosoft DMS and other DMS options to stay current with your inventory and costs along with sending your deals back to the accounting system securely
  • Reports - huge array of management reports like inventory, sales and letters to your customers included. Best thing about this is that if you have a report you currently do and you love it but it's not in the system, just send us that report and we will get that in the system for you - No extra cost!
  • Support - this is where we stand out because we have one of the best support departments in the business (or any business for that matter). Just ask any of our customers. In just a minute we can be on your computer showing you exactly what you need to know.
  • Optional Integrations - no need to re-enter your information over and over again. Enter your customer, inventory item and deal information once and then automatically transfer it to the various areas of the program and any other place like AppOne,® DealerTrack®, RouteOne®, CUDL®, credit bureaus, etc.
  • Pull credit bureaus from one or all three bureaus without re-typing anything 

Our pricing and support package is one of the most reasonable in the industry.  Dealerships and service companies are amazed at what this system does that their old system only tried to do. We have over 2,000 active users on our system today. So you know that you will be with a lot of other satisfied customers.

* Plain paper copyrighted bank contracts are not included in this. These forms include the Wolters Kluwer bankers system contracts that print the entire contract and information on your laser printer. This is still less expensive and cleaner than buying the multi-part paper contract.


Some more stats:

  • 98.5% of our current customers (since 1996) are still using our system. The few that are not using our system yet were purchased by larger dealer groups that require them to spend more money on a system that does the same thing as ours. Most of these dealers call back after using their "new and improved system" and say how much easier it was doing the same tasks with our system.
  • 15 minutes - 95% of all of our support calls are not only answered within 15 minutes but also the right, friendly answer.
  • 2,000+ users - we are one of the fastest growing F&I companies in the U.S. today. 
  • 14,000+ forms - we have a library of over 14,000 forms from bank contracts, warranties, insurance verification forms, state forms, vehicle invoices, purchase agreements, etc. If we don't have one you need, we will put it in the system for you at no additional cost. We also have over 2,500 forms that print on plain paper. So you don't have to inventory that form since it prints the form and all information on your laser printer. Huge time saver and looks great!

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