The Menu Selling System


Key Benefits

  • Performs the 300% rule (100% of your products to 100% of your customers 100% of the time) and of course this helps your dealership for compliancy with disclosing information to your customers (We have directly talked to the Attorney Generals from various states and they told us what they are actually looking for when they are auditing dealerships. This system will give you those tools!)

  • Most powerful but the easiest to use system on the market (endless possibilities to your menu options along with a very customizable display system)

  • Directly integrated with The Dealership Tracker™ F&I system to eliminate re-entering any information and cleanly syncs back and forth

  • Helps sell more products even to those budget-conscious buyers by simply rearranging the menu to show amount at the bottom of each column the added monthly payment for just those products (not including the selling unit, etc.)....only one of the many options of our menu!
  • Integrated bi-weekly payment system to quickly show you and your customer custom bar graphs and calendars along with menus all designed to show how the bi-weekly payment system is a great option

  • Direct integration to your providers/insurance companies to retrieve current rates (e-rating/e-contracting), options and even print the forms/contracts to book/warranty that unit immediately

  • Ensure that full disclosure is met for each deal by printing our customized signature/waiver report for the customer to initial along with the actual menu page

  • Makes it easy for the F&I Manager to review the menu options with the customer to introduce every product to every customer but more importantly, establish a need for every product, every time

  • Dealers can customize anything for your customers with ease. As you know, every customer is not the same and you can personalize each menu for each customer with a minimum of effort and time

  • Networkable so any and all computers in your dealership can access the same information real-time (no extra cost for additional computers under the same dealership rooftop)

  • Fast calculation of 4 different scenarios along with 2 different terms/rates for each scenario along with the ability to quote for different payment types like monthly, weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, annual and cash

  • Includes a complete customer and inventory system for powerful reporting options like customer follow-up, inventory reports, etc.

  • Gives the dealer full control as to what is being presented to each customer

  • Ability to save and retrieve deals for later use and also creates an audit trail that includes the deal date and employee that is presenting the menu

  • An average dealership increases their backend profit per deal and also increases their CSI scores because customers are happier because of a more timely process and the customer is more “in control”. For an average dealership, this system typically gives you an increase in F&I profit that exceeds 500% of the program cost.

  • Can customize each menu including options to present, the order of the options, ability to add any product and all of this is also password protected   


Click to see a sample menu printout

  • Works on any Windows based computer along with any laser or color inkjet printer

  • Access to toll free support from the best in the industry. You will not be disappointed!

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If you are from an insurance, warranty company or any other business that would be interested in partnering this product with yours, please let us know. We are currently working with other companies that have increased their sales rate by several fold!

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