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Automatically update your inventory values plus all accessories automatically. This is a HUGE time-saving feature that does everything your current J.D. Power (formerly known as NADA) Used Car Guide values subscription does but 100% more! This option will automatically update all J.D. Power Used Car Guide values for all your inventory and will even give you an easy way to lookup values for vehicles not even in your inventory. You will have all the book/accessory values automatically integrated in your inventory plus print book out sheets for your inventory.

Now with Weekly and Monthly Regular Values!!

Weekly Auction Values included as part of your J.D. Power values subscription!!


J.D. Power Used Car Guide Values Integration Option Benefits

J.D. Power Used Car Guide® Company and The Dealership Tracker F&I system are now partnered to bring dealers direct easy access to J.D. Power Used Car Guide® information and values. This will automatically update used vehicle valuations in your inventory.

    • This option can extract such information as: Year, Make, Model, Body Type, Trim Levels, Engine and more.

    • Automatically update the following values for all of your vehicles by your Region:

      • New - Available MONTHLY and WEEKLY values reflecting local pricing variations and unique economic conditions
      • Auction Low, average and high auction values. Values represent recent price activity for used cars and light-duty trucks at wholesale auction. See Press Release (Updated weekly)

      • Trade-in Rough, average and clean condition-based trade-in values. Values represent the typical price for a vehicle at trade-in. (Updated monthly)

      • Loan Clean condition-based loan value. Values represents the potential amount of credit that may be obtained on a vehicle. (Updated monthly)

      • Retail Clean condition-based retail value with an optional Certified Pre-Owned valuation, where available. Values represents the typical selling price for a vehicle. (Updated monthly)

      • Mileage Adjustment

      • Original MSRP / Weight / Unit Type / Trim Levels / Fuel Type / Engine / Drive Type

    • There are no limits to the number of computers in your dealership this is used on, the number of valuations per month or any of the other normal limitations. (They must have The Dealership Tracker installed on the computer.)

    • Quick access (Ctrl-N) to retrieve values for a vehicle not even in your inventory and print a book out sheet

    • 20+ model years of used domestic and import cars and light duty truck values

    • Weekly Auction Values are gathered from over 160 auctions nationwide including ALL Manheim, ADESA and ServNET auctions.  J.D. Power has the exclusive arrangement with the NAAA since 1991.

    • Automatically calculated accessory and mileage adjustments

    • Do you currently have the book version?? You can probably lookup a vehicle and all values even faster with this new option and of course you can do this on any computer in your dealership.

    • From the Loan Master Screen just click on one button to see the values for the Sold or the Trade-in vehicles

    • Print out a full Book Out sheet for a vehicle that shows all vehicle information and all the values and accessories.  You can even select which of the three pricing columns to print!

    • Always get a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and don't have a contract returned because of an invalid VIN.

    • If you are using Autosoft, this also uses the VIN decoder to make sure the Year, Make and Model are all entered correctly along with updating the values when it imports that information into The Dealership Tracker.

    • There is no setup fee.  The low monthly subscription fee gives you full access to all the J.D. Power Used Car Guide® information and values. Each months and weekly auction values updates are automatically installed on your computer(s) when you update The Dealership TrackerNOTE: If you have recently renewed your J.D. Power values subscription directly with J.D. Power, you can easily switch to ours and receive a credit back from J.D. Power for your remaining term.


Using this value-added integration solution with The Dealership Tracker, the J.D. Power Used Car Guide® values transforms a cumbersome, time-consuming process into a seamless integrated book out solution, with significant benefits for your dealership.  J.D. Power has leveraged its data assets and partnerships to give you a vehicle valuation process that will eliminate financial blind spots by using a VIN to precisely determine the correct trim and factory-installed options.

Currently, many dealers subscribe or would like to subscribe to J.D. Power's printed, online or CD guides (e-Valuator®), which are issued monthly with updated vehicle valuations. To complete a credit application involving a used car, dealership personnel must locate the latest guide and look up the correct vehicle -- with all appropriate options, equipment and mileage. This option allows dealers to accurately and quickly obtain J.D. Power Used Car Guide® values, which will be updated automatically each month. This can also be used to simply lookup a vehicle not in your inventory!

Dealers have been asking us to integrate J.D. Power Used Car Guides with The Dealership Tracker, so we are very happy to be able to deliver this great option.  For our customers, this option will save time, reduce the likelihood of errors and help ensure that trade-ins and financed vehicles are valued consistently and appropriately.



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Simply complete the Information Request Form and we will fax or e-mail you the sign-up form. This option is available via a Monthly or an Annual cost separate from your Dealership Tracker subscription. Click Here to see a detailed printable page on how to get the most out of this option.


J.D. Power Used Car Guide® Values Pricing Options

(One price that includes access for ALL computers in dealership with no limitations on number of valuations)


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